Welcome to Walking Bass!

This site will start off with Tim and Elspeth's Coast to Coast adventure, and will combine two of my passions, one new (photography) and one as old as the hills (um, the hills). My third, playing the tuba, will probably not feature too highly except by gifting the site a name.

A Little Bit About Us

We're both very keen walkers, and love being out in the hills. In time, Elspeth will be keeping track here of our more day-to-day walking (although living in Bedford and working in London our good walks are somewhat sporadic), but for now I have the the task of writing about our adventure.

Elspeth and Tim at their 2008 Snowdon campsite

We've been vaguely considering doing the Coast to Coast for a couple of years and the more I read about it the more I wanted to go for it, and now with the start fast approaching I am really very very excited. Elspeth provides the note of caution about the challenge it will be for both of us, but I am really looking forward to the simplicity and beauty of this holiday.